Why We Need to Separate Spirituality and Religion

In recent times, the need to understand the impact of spirituality and its relationship with religion has garnered a large following and has become very important. The good things that people think that they can only get from the idea of religion can be gathered and understood a lot better in a spiritual and rational way. This way will be a lot more stable and devoid of clashes and turbulence that religions are renowned for.


Problems initiated by religion based groups have emerged in the many parts of the world. People who are in support of spirituality see religion as the main cause of most global problems.

Most wars in the past century have had some religious undertone to them. The execution of Jews during World War 2 and the current conflicts that are taking place in the Middle East also show issues that come with religion.


The problem with religion is that in most cases it forbids questioning. One does not have the opportunity to question how or why things are as they are. Unlike science where if a each theory is peer reviews and multiple experiments are completed to confirm it religion allows no new versions. This is the problem most atheists have with religion.

Religion only serves to inhibit the profound inner connection that humanity has with each other and with the universe. At the time of creation of religion, the advancement in reason was still in its formative stages. For instance, Galileo was killed for relying on reason at a time when reason was frowned upon.

Most scientists nowadays are atheists. One might ask why most scientists prior to the 1800s were so religious. The answer is quite simple, Darwin. Before Darwin scientists would have suspected that religion was flawed but could not provide a valid logical alternative. However when Darwin published his theory of evolution with compelling evidence in his 1859 book On the Origin of Species scientists could no longer hide from the truth.


How does one become a spiritual atheist

One needs to spend a lot of time with people of different cultures, races and religions to become aware of something bigger than oneself. Travel opens ones mind like nothing else will. One then starts seeing everything from a holistic view by taking a step back and separating the riff-raff, want-wants and hocus pocus from what really matters.

When one comes to the conclusion that one knows nothing, then one can start the journey of discovery, enlightenment and self understanding.

A spiritual atheist

So should we all become spiritual atheists then? It sounds like a good alternative however, there are those who feel that spirituality has no place in atheism. They argue that for one to live a complete life, they have to break free of all bonds of religion. And in their eyes religion and spirituality are interconnected.

Most hardcore atheists are afraid of even mentioning the word spirituality. This is because they are afraid to be thought of as religious not true to the cause. However, we feel a true atheist would willingly embrace this association.

In addition to that, many true atheists understand that human beings have always understood they had a profound connection with the universe. Thus, the argue religions were created as a way of trying to understand this innate connection.

After all the universe might just be a science experiment for a Grade 2 alien student.

Where is God

Dr. Richard Dawkins is a renowned atheist and at the forefront of promoting religious free spirituality. When questioned about what he would do if he passed away and met God, he has given a very witty response. Dr. Dawkins has responded to the issue by stating he would ask why God would create a universe where there is no evidence of His existence.

This has earned him a lot of ridicule in religious circles. Human beings have done a lot of good things for this planet. However, no matter how good the intentions religion has often led to some of the worst atrocities in human history. For example, their unity has enable wonderful accomplishments such in the sectors of space explorations and other amazing feats of engineering.

Dr. Dawkins is on record stating that atheists should reclaim spirituality back from religion.


There is a lot of benefits form spirituality. It enables one to tap into one inner goodness. Even Nelson Mandela, one of the most famous humanists, had something to say about it. He stated that he believed that at the core, every person is born good. He is also known to have said that it was easier to teach a child how to love than how to hate. He was wholly convinced that man could tap into this innate to accomplish so much more.

People who chose to embrace spiritually achieve a deeper sense of understanding that is just not possible with religion. Religion is a creation of human societies by humans. It was a way for early human societies to deal with the mysteries of the universe. However, with advancements in technology and scientific discoveries, it has served its purpose. It is time to move on.

The meaning of it all

At one time, religion may have a profound role to play in development of human societies. However, this purpose is now mostly obsolete. For one to develop an understanding of the universe there is a need to embrace spirituality.

A growing number of people have experience deeply profound spiritual experiences that were outside any religion. Spirituality is all encompassing, unlike religion, which is restrictive. For instance, music and dancing are prohibited in some religions.  Let’s separate Spirituality and Religion.

Spirituality on the other hand leads one to have a deep and profound understanding of all aspects of human existence. Spirituality encourages one to love the earth with its poetry and all unexplained experiences without bringing God into the fold.

We don’t like speaking negative about any religion or making broad generalizations about them. We consider ourselves to be believers and scholars of most religions, some aspects of them at least. We think we need to separate spirituality from religion as much as we need to interrupt teaching of religious texts.

Life needs to be viewed from a different perspective and spirituality not belief is the way forward.

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