The Egyptian Pyramids: Were They Built By Aliens?

According to most history books, the famous pyramids of Egypt were built by three ancient pharaohs– Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure– for the purpose of housing their corpses after they departed for the afterlife.

But there are many other theories out there.

Many people have made the argument that ancient Egyptians could not have had the technology to build them positioned so precisely, which means that the only way the pyramids could have come about is with extraterrestrial intervention.


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Without modern technology, they argue, how could the ancient Egyptians have placed the pyramids so precisely?

Were the ancients smarter than we give them credit for? Did aliens guide their actions? Did aliens build them on their own?

Were the pyramids built by humans or aliens?

Let’s examine the evidence.

One of the most often-cited pieces of evidence in favor of the extraterrestrial theory is the location of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The amazing and gigantic pyramid is not only the oldest, but the last one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

When one looks at Great Pyramid on a map, it becomes clear that this pyramid is lined up almost perfectly with North on the compass rose– meaning, the Great Pyramid is facing the magnetic North Pole!

Given that the ancient Egyptians did not have a compass, it’s a mystery as to how they achieved such a feat.

Compasses would not be invented for several thousand years after the construction of the pyramids was already complete, which supports the idea that extraterrestrials either located the magnetic North Pole and built the pyramids themselves, or that they gave the Egyptians the technology and support necessary to assemble the structures.

Another point that falls under the category of location is most obvious on the summer solstice. On the summer solstice, if you stand in front of the Sphinx, the sun sets directly between the Great Pyramid of Giza and its closest neighbor.

In order for the ancient Egyptians to do this, they had to have been aware of the exact date of the summer solstice, which also means they would have had to know the length of a full year.

Even individually, without regard to their location, construction of a single pyramid was an incredible feat that would require advanced mathematics and tools.

The sloped sides of each pyramid have such precise angles that there is almost no way the Egyptians could have constructed them without help.

A question that long puzzled historians and scientists was not about the location of the pyramids, but rather how they were built.

The blocks used to build the pyramids weighed in at a whopping two tons per block.

At this time, Egyptians did not have the wheel, so they could not have loaded the stone blocks onto carts to move them into place, and the amount of man power required to drag them would be astronomical.

Indiana State Universities Dr. Joseph West put forward another suggestion. He believes that the pyramid creators may have strapped beams to the sides of the huge stone blocks, and turned them into a type of rollable dodecagon, which would have made them much easier to move.


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Why (and how) would a primitive people, people who lived in mud huts, suddenly develop the ability to create such massive, complex structures? And if it was a matter of discovering technology, why did they stop?

Some historians cite hieroglyphs found in the area as possible evidence for extraterrestrial intervention.

Many Egyptian hieroglyphs feature discs that resemble what we consider to be the shape of a common UFO.

In addition to this, many hieroglyphs feature beings that descend from the sky to share wisdom and/or advice with the Egyptian people.

Many historians assume that these figures are meant to represent deities, but what if they were really aliens?

Another observation that alien theorists have made is its timing. For millions of years, humans spent most of their time living in caves and creating little more than basic tools required for survival.

Then, almost at the same time, enormous structures that withstand centuries spring up all at once.

Pyramids, Stonehenge, and other famous monuments suddenly spring up all at once, and then construction tapers back off into temporary structures.

The debate continues to rage on as to whether humans or aliens (or some combination of both) built the pyramids.

While modern, mainstream science insists that the pyramids were completely man-made, the details of their construction seem to suggest otherwise.

Do ancient hieroglyphs depict the extraterrestrials who helped them build the architectural marvels that are the pyramids?

Or are the details of its precise construction and perfect alignment a result of sheer luck?

The origin of the pyramids, among many other ancient monuments, remains suspect.

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