Twin Telepathy- Finding Proof of The Strange Bond Between Twins

Anyone who has come anywhere near the spiritual or paranormal side of life has heard of twin telepathy.

You have probably heard the saying “your evil twin” and even used it. Did you ever wonder where it came from, or if there was any truth behind it?

The strange telepathy that exists between twins has been widely discussed for quite some time now, especially since the mid-twentieth century, but it has been widely ignored by the scientific community.

Most scientists have dismissed all anecdotal evidence as coincidence, delusion, or flat-out fabrication.

Though the widespread fascination with this phenomenon has been relatively recent, the idea that monozygotic twins, otherwise known as identical twins, have a bond that enables them to share thoughts or experiences is not a new one.

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Mentions of twin telepathy go back as far as the 1780s, where one man reported that a pair of female twins experienced each other’s illness and emotions.

What does twin telepathy look like?

Let’s look at three incidents that have been recorded in recent years.

  1. One of the most famous episodes of twin telepathy occurred in 2009, when a fifteen-year-old girl named Gemma was suddenly overcome with an overwhelming feeling that her identical twin sister, Leanne, needed her help. She got up and ran into the bathroom (knowing that her sister was in the middle of taking a bath) and found Leanne, an epileptic who had had a seizure, lying unconscious in the tub, with her face under the water, lips turning blue.She pulled her sister out of the tub and performed CPR, keeping her alive until paramedics could arrive.

    Gemma later said that it seemed, to her, like a voice had been whispering in her head, telling her that Leanne desperately needed help. If not for Gemma’s gut feeling, her sister would have drowned in the bath tub. The two are fraternal twins, but their mother claimed that the two had been inseparable since the day they were born, and that they had always shared an “uncanny bond.”

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  2. A woman named Aiya describes herself as a mother to two young, identical twin boys. Shortly after they turned four years old, their grandmother decided that she didn’t get to spend enough time with them.Unable to handle both of them at once (they were boy toddlers, after all!), they decided that they would send one boy over to visit first, Gabriel, and then after three days, they would send the other boy, Ethan, to visit for three days. After Gabriel had been at his grandmother’s house for three days, Aiya took Ethan and sat in the car with him, waiting to make the twin swap.

    After sitting quietly and looking out the window for a while, Ethan asked his mother to tell Gabriel to put his clothes on. Aiya, confused, explained that Gabriel was with grandma, not in the car, and Ethan repeated the request.

    When Aiya asked her mother, it turned out that she had been having difficulty getting Gabriel dressed for the day, because it was cold and he had wanted to stay in his pajamas.

  3. A woman named Paula, who is an educator and a mother to a pair of female identical twins, experienced something similar when her girls were the same age.One sister, Heather, was located with Paula inside a classroom while the other twin, Catherine, was located in the gym a story below. After several minutes of silence, Paula suddenly began to hear the sound of Catherine crying downstairs. Heather, who seemed unsurprised, explained that her sister was crying because a person (who she named) had accidentally run her over with a scooter.

    There was absolutely no way that Heather could have seen what happened to her sister, but sure enough, she knew exactly what had happened. Catherine later confirmed that she had been hit by a scooter, and that the person Heather had named had been the one riding it.


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Twins that have grown up apart

That are a number of amazing stories about twins that have grown up in different families, in different towns yet shared similar experiences.

One of the most amazing is the story of James Edward Lewis.

He married a lady called Linda, then after that marriage failed, he married Betty who gave birth a to a son named James Alan.

When he was approaching his 40th birthday he found his twin that he was seperated from at birth.

Amazingly he had also married and divorced a woman called Betty, remarried a Linda and get this.. had a son named James Alan!

So, is twin telepathy possible?

Unfortunately, it has been largely ignored by mainstream science, which means there have been few organized studies and most of the evidence is anecdotal.

However, a study by Guy Lyon Playfair involved separating twins for the duration of the experiment– one twin would be hooked up to a polygraph in one room, and the other would experience startling stimuli in the other (ice cold water, wind-up toys that involve a snake popping out to scare the subject, etc).

Researchers discovered several times when the polygraph registered disturbances that coincided with the moment that the other twin had been startled.

Unfortunately the study was not done under stringent scientific conditions.

With anecdotal evidence building, it’s only a matter of time before more research is done.

In the mean time, twins will continue to debate their unique bond, and the rest of us will look at the evidence ourselves while we wait for mainstream science to catch up.

Do you know of any twins that have had a strange or even telepathic experience? Tell us about it.

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