The Zero Point Field: Shaping Your Destiny

Inspirational cat posters, therapists and motivational speakers the world over are always telling you that your thoughts and actions can change the world.

We’ve heard the phrase, “You can change the world!” so many times that most of us probably chant it in our sleep by now.

At least half of us have it on a Post-It note on our bathroom mirror– the idea is so universally accepted that we don’t ever stop to think about what it means or what it entails.

Most people assume that the change-the-world camp are referring to your actions performing the necessary push to change the world.

Others of us, those more likely to question the scientific mainstream and do our own research on the universe and its goings on, realize that our thoughts are capable of literally, physically changing the world around us.

But even though we use this information instinctively (and some of us make a career out of our powerful minds and their abilities), most of us don’t have a solid grasp of how it works.

Those of us that do think there is some truth in this stuff have perhaps heard the rumors out there that the zero point field is likely to be the place where the magic happens.

Understanding the zero point field can shape your destiny.

With that in mind – and if we are believers in the whole “your thoughts become reality” idea then it is quite possible to argue that the mind’s interaction with the world around us utilizes what pioneers in physics are calling the zero point field.

Picture the strings on a guitar, violin or piano. As any musician knows (or anyone who has ever opened up a grand piano to play with the strings), if you strike any note on the instrument, the string that corresponds to that note will begin to vibrate, or resonate.

This is because every thing in the universe, from a living, breathing human being to a violin string, has two forms. The first form is the physical one that we can see. This is the body, the particle, the ‘local’ aspect of the thing, so to speak.

The second form is waves, or energy. In the example of the instruments, this would be the energy lurking within each note.

We know that energy can effect particles. To continue with the musical idea, this is what occurs when a singer breaks a glass using only their own shrieking falsetto. The energy alters the matter. We see this on plenty of television shows.

Everything is connected, and the zero point field is the key to understanding that connection.

Every object and every living thing has a ‘halo’ of energy and information that surrounds them– this is what many psychics and sensitives would refer to as the ‘aura,’ and it’s what they tap into when they perceive or alter another person’s thoughts, feelings or past.

The information is all there. They just know how to pick up on it.

So What is the Zero Point Field?

The zero point field is the foundation of the universe. It’s the base level of electromagnetic energy upon which everything else, from strings to people, is built.

It’s the sea of light lurking in the background of all energy.

Dr. Harold Puthoff is a name synonymous with the Zero Point field – he was the scientist that managed to prove that a vacuum is not actually empty of energy as was traditionally thought.

In fact what he found was the opposite – in his own words he discovered a “seething cauldron” of energy.

These type of energy containing vacuums are called a plenum.

Now for the tricky part: mass does not have a solid form because has some innate quality called matter.

Particles are not something entirely separate from energy– rather, they are a manifestation of energy that interacts with the zero point field.

When you push on a concrete wall or stamp your feet down on wooden boards, what you perceive as a solid, immovable quality is really just a result of the zero point field, the background ocean of light, pushing against the energy you have exerted. When you push on matter, the zero point field pushes back, making it appear solid.

Matter is, in effect, a hologram that encompasses all senses. We see holograms nearly every day. Three-dimensional images projected from two-dimensional pictures on a flat screen. Matter is a hologram made entirely of energy, and though it seems convincing, it’s an illusion.

How does this affect us? The brain is a quantum device. The brain itself is the physical proof, the matter, projected by our own mental computers– and like all other quantum holograms, the brain is built upon the zero point field.

The brain perceives everything and creates waves based upon those perceptions. Those waves, like sound waves, can strike the corresponding ‘strings’ of the universe. This includes our thoughts and intentions.

With the popularity of movies like the Secret, which explains the law of attraction, more and more people are starting to believe that we can affect what happens in the world around us with our thoughts.

Think of positive outcomes and abundance and you will attract these things into your life.

Conversely if you let negativity, doom and gloom pervade your existence — you will eventually bring about all the bad things you could have ever literally thought of.

Thoughts are made of energy, and if you learn how to focus them, you can alter your life and the world around you.

Your thoughts can physically change the world, so what’s to stop you from revolutionizing your own life?

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