Why You Should Take Note of the Number 1111

Have you been seeing the numbers 11:11 or 1111 lately? It is more than just coincidence!


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Congratulations.  As we shall discover in this article, there is everything good about this magical number 1111 or 11:11. Right from the cradle, our minds have been programmed to associate this number with some magical elements. In some cultures children are recommended and encouraged to make a wish each time they spotted this magical number 1111 .

Was it because all the four digits on a clock appeared similar or is there some mysterious meaning in this number? Join me as I introduce you to all the perceivable meanings of the number 11:11 or 1111.

This article is not based on science or spirituality. The foundations are numerology and angelology or blend of both.

Prepare for a breakthrough

One of the most common theories of seeing the number 1111 is that it portrays an imminent breakthrough in your life. This theory recommends that you make a wish any time you see this magical number in order to fully summon your blessings. The breakthrough could take any form – spiritual, financial or even in your social and relationship life.


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When this happens, we should always consult the guidance of our inner power in order for it to reveal to us exactly what it is all about. Looking at this theory from a scientific point of view, it makes perfect sense too as the brain is known to work extra hard when subjected to some form of rare phenomenon.

In the eyes of science, therefore, the breakthrough might come about not as a consequence of the culmination of events leading to seeing the number but rather as a direct result of seeing this number.


Mathematics is the only universal language. The laws of Maths are the same everywhere in the universe.

DNA Activation

DNA activation is the essence of unlocking our purpose in this world. Many at times, we ask ourselves this question, what is the purpose of my existence in this world? By seeing the number 1111, we automatically manage to unlock our previously encoded DNA.

We can then begin to exercise ourselves in greater spheres of life by using our spiritual experiences and scientific explanations to discover who we really are, our mission in this world and the reasons why we act the way we do.

Take note of your surrounding

There is yet another theory that suggests that when we see this number, we need to stop and take notice to whatever is going on around us. The visualization of this number calls for attention to engage more in the present, for there may be something significant we need to grasp from it.

This could range from something as beautiful as your dream man walking by to a more devastating prospect as that of a gathering storm. Just stop and look keenly, and you will experience that rare thing that defines the moment, the very thing that may remain obscured to many people around you.


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Science has a magical way of explaining this. When we free our minds from all distractions and the hustles and bustles of ordinary life, we can glimpse the true essence of life and see the world for what it is. As it were, the essence of life can only be grasped by taking a keen look at some of the hidden things that happen in our present.

 Finding a balance in life

So what happens when our lives are stuck between a rock and a hard place? We never seem to see any positivity, optimism is an illusion and all we know is solitude and despondency. When life constantly deals us all the negativity, the brain finds it hard to cope with the demands of our time.

Naturally, our brains are programmed to work better when faced with the least challenges. Therefore, when negativity comes calling, and you know of the power of 1111, your refuge is the number 1111. The number enables us find some balance in life and appreciate that there is still some good to be obtained from our battled souls.

Peace and harmony

Another possible theory as to why we see the number 1111 is because the number represents some universal geometric harmony. The number is the only reminder that the universe and all systems therein are as they should be. It denotes a state of complete order and to a greater extent, the only possible explanation that a power higher than us is in control.


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Spiritual awakening

The number 1111 could also be an invitation for you to awaken spiritually and begin to grasp life beyond the mere status of physical existence. It is believed that those people who see this number are often those who may have just begun or those who may be on the verge of beginning a spiritual journey or any other form of journey of greater discovery.

The number offers the only keys to unlocking the obscured secrets of our subconscious minds and helps us understand and appreciate how the universe works. For this reason, I strongly believe hypnotic therapists should employ the use of this number as one of the methods of getting their patients to reconnect with their pasts, visualize their futures and harness both into helping them deal with their present problems.

Connection to the Mid-wayers

There is a common belief that there is a group of creatures that are descendants of parents who were partially angelic who exist mid-way between the angelic and mortal realms. These creatures comprise what is generally referred to as the Mid-wayers.


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It is believed that the Mid-wayers serve the mortal world until this world obtains some form of enlightened status, after which they are released to continue serving in other realms. Like angels, the mid-wayers serve the sole purpose of guiding and protecting us through our daily endeavors, pointing out danger before we have the slightest hint of its presence.

The connection between the number 1111 and the mid-wayers comes from the belief that these creatures were 1,111 in number.


As is evident, the number 1111 has been held in awe by many generations past, and may go on that way for many years to come. The fascination with this number majorly comes from its association with some of the most spiritual and scientific mysteries, as it aims at explaining why certain spiritual and scientific phenomena exist or occur the way they do.

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