Scientific Proof of The Human Aura: Does It Exist?

For thousands of years mankind has been fascinated by the mysterious energy field known as the human aura.

You have probably wondered though, is there any scientific proof of the human aura?

Today, many healers outside of mainstream Western medicine rely on their ability to see a person’s aura for diagnosis and treatment.

Others, such as those who identify as empaths or telepaths, use the aura to perceive emotions and thoughts.

Proof of the Human Aura

How can we be so sure it really exists if only a minority of us are able to detect it unassisted?

Are healers and empaths bluffing for money or attention?

While there is nothing that mainstream science would consider to be concrete proof of the human aura, some evidence has been collected in recent years that suggests that the human aura is real. But first:

What Exactly is the Human Aura?

According to psychics the world over, the aura is a field of light and energy that surrounds every living thing.

It is said to vary in color and size depending on the person’s personality and health, but in general, it radiates out a few inches from the body at all times.

It is said to provide quite a bit of information about the person’s physical and emotional health, personality, and even their history, depending on the skill of the person observing it.

The first point in favor of auras is common knowledge: the human body, since it’s chock full of various chemical and biological processes, emits heat and energy at all times.

Since this heat pattern is a result of what’s going on inside the individual’s body, believers claim that it makes sense that the pattern could include telltale signs of injury or illness.

If you can decipher the energy patterns, you can, in theory, decipher the person’s physical and emotional condition.

The concept is similar to the idea of a mood ring, which relies on the temperature of the blood just underneath the wearer’s skin to determine their mood.

7 Layers of the Human Aura

It is believed that the human aura is formed of seven separate layers, each of which holds different types of information.

Each layer maps to a corresponding Chakra. The Chakras themselves are responsible for emitting the energy which creates the visible aura, the layers of which contract and expand depending on a number of spiritual, emotional and physical factors.

  1. Etheric Aura – Maps to the Root (1st) Chakra. About the awareness of your material body.
  2. Emotional – Relates to the Sacral Plexus (2nd) Chakra. Has to do with inner feelings.
  3. Mental – Related to the Solar Plexus (3rd) Chakra. Mental processes of your ego. Vibrations of your thoughts.
  4. Astral – About the Heart (4th) Chakra. Expressiveness on mental, emotional and physical levels.
  5. Etheric Template – Points to the Throat (5th) Chakra. Relates to some regions of your physical body.
  6. Celestial – Relates to your Brow or Third Eye (6th) Chakra. This layer is to do with enlightenment.
  7. ketheric Template – Connected to the Crown (7th) Chakra. About the Divine/Universal Consciousness.

Ref: More information on the layers of the aura.

Claims of Scientific Proof

Many have claimed to be able to photograph the human aura. Most recently, Japanese scientists at the University of Tokyo performed experiments using ultra-sensitive cameras to capture each person’s glow.

These scientists allegedly captured the aura for many people, and reported that the aura is strongest in the morning and fades throughout the day.

Some believers have perceived this as fatigue– as the day goes by and people grow tired, their auras reflect the waning energy they feel.

A Russian scientist named Dr. Korotkov claims to photograph the human aura using a process called bioelectrophotography, which photographs the energy fields around living things in the form of halos of light.

He has found that the person’s aura, which is egg-shaped and made up of seven layers, can be altered dramatically with various mind exercises, ranging from simple positive thinking to carefully-executed meditation.

He asserts that every chemical found in our physical body coincides with another, ethereal chemical discernible in the aura, and that these chemicals are interdependent.

Something extremely controversial that Dr. Korotkov believes is that our consciousness can greatly impact not only our bodies, but the world around us.

We have all experienced people that are energy vampires, or those on the other hand that spread their positive energy around them.

If what he says is true, and can be proven by science, the implications are immense.

Mind over Matter: Secrets of human aura revealed by Russian scientists

Mainstream science suggests that healers and other psychics who perceive auras may, in fact, have a condition called synesthesia.


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Synesthesia is a condition in which one sense gets ‘mixed up’ with another sense in your brain, causing you to visually experience sounds, or to taste colors or images.

For some people, this means they see colors that correlate with names or faces, but some people even have mirror-touch synesthesia, which means they experience physical sensations that they see other people experiencing.

This, science argues, is why some people believe that they are able to see auras. Rather than having the ability to perceive something the rest of us cannot, they have a disorder that causes them to experience stimuli incorrectly.

Some have suggested that healers who rely on the aura have nothing more than a strong placebo effect that stems from their own belief in themselves and their patients’ belief in their abilities.

While we’re lacking in concrete proof, we have plenty of anecdotal evidence. The jury is still out on who’s correct in this case– mainstream or alternative scientists– but, as so often turns out to be the case, we may find that the answer lies in some unforeseen combination of the two.

Many continue to insist they can see auras, and despite scientists’ denial, numerous people claim they have reaped the benefits of visiting an empathic healer.

What do you think? Can you see human auras and do you believe they are real?

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