Modern Mysteries: The Top Six – Believe it or not?

Most of us love a good mystery.

From the identity of Jack the Ripper and the whereabouts of the Lost Colony of Roanoake all the way to the origins of the Great Sphinx’s nose job, we are both parts terrified and intrigued by the unsolved (and often bloody) questions of history.

But in studying some of the most widely known, we often forget that some of the greatest mysteries of all time have taken place in the modern era!

That’s why we have compiled this list of the top mysteries of modern times. Though there are plenty of theories circulating the Internet, both from experts and armchair theorists, all of these questions remain as yet unsolved.

1) The Hum

Though it’s exciting for us to read about, for those who have to deal with it throughout their daily lives, The Hum is a plague that ranges from mildly irritating all the way to headache-inducing.

The first reports of The Hum popped up in the 1950s, when perfectly healthy people from places all over the globe began to complain of a low-frequency humming sound that persisted for long periods of time.

These reports showed up pretty much everywhere—all the way from Australia to Taos—and almost all of them agreed that the sound was louder at night and only heard indoors. Despite several scientific investigations, none of our equipment has been able to capture The Hum.

Is it just in our heads?

2) The Hessdalen Light

The effects of this phenomenon are less widespread, but equally as puzzling. The Hessdalen Light occurs in Norway’s Hessdalen Valley between ten and twenty times per year.

It is most often described as a bright yellow or white light which sometimes goes on hovering above the ground for well over an hour.

While many people have their own theories, no one has come up with a concrete answer for the light’s origins.

3) Bigfoot

Reports of a bipedal man-like ape creature have shown up for thousands of years, with some cave paintings depicting creatures we would recognize today as Bigfoot, Yeti or Sasquatch, but the question of his existence is a quintessentially modern mystery.

Since the Patterson-Gimlin film was shot in 1967, countless sightings have been reported all throughout the North American continent.

Some scientists have hair samples and casts of supposed Bigfoot prints.

There have been several cases that were proven hoaxes– the work of special effects artists or men in gorilla costumes– but there are also plenty of hair samples and low-quality videos that can’t be explained.

Today, there’s even a reality TV show dedicated to this mystery: Finding Bigfoot.

4) Why is the universe expanding?

All the evidence leads physicists to believe that our universe is expanding, but no one has any idea why.

The general consensus is that there is another force at work which is acting in opposition to gravity (which should cause the universe to contract), but the jury is out on what that force may be. Many physicists suggest that this is the work of something called ‘dark energy,’ but none of them can tell you what dark energy is or how it works.

For now, all we know is that the universe is slowly expanding, and nobody’s sure why.

5) Indian Mass Bird Suicides

In a small village in India, between September and November, multiple species of migratory and local birds die off in mass numbers—by suicide.

Shortly after the sun sets, peaking between 7 and 10 PM, flocks of birds raise up into the sky and then kill themselves by diving down into buildings and trees at top speed.

According to locals, this has been going on yearly for at least a century, and no one is really sure why. Some believe it has to do with evil spirits, some blame it on magnetic fields, and others suggest that the birds are disoriented by fog or rain.

6) The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is defined by points in Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Miami.

It marks a chunk of the Atlantic ocean where dozens of airplanes and ships have gone missing. Many pilots and sailors have reported difficulty with compasses and other equipment within the Triangle.

Countless others have reported bizarre fogs, loss of time, tunnels coming out of nowhere—even wormholes!

Theories range from magnetic fields to extraterrestrial activity, but no one knows for sure why so many craft meet their end within this patch of ocean.

What can we do?

It seems that some mysteries are never going to be solved.

There is more going on in the world around us than what we understand, or believe.

Strange things keep on happening, and there is little mankind can do to stop that.

Do you have any explanations for any of these mysteries?

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