Lessons in Karma from a Boxer, a Bully and a Burglar

Tyler Myles from Norwalk, Ohio was a serial burglar that had a penchant for signs. He drove around, in his pickup truck, through the quiet hours of the night stealing stop signs from busy intersections.

There is little doubt that his actions were endangering his fellow citizens.

Inexplicably he met an untimely death himself when he ran straight through an intersection, ignoring the stop sign altogether (even though it wasn’t stolen) and into the path of an oncoming truck.

Karma, or coincidence?

So, What Exactly is Karma?

It can be defined as the law of action and reaction.

That being said, when someone does something harmful to someone else, it will come back to them in the exact same measure in the future (much like what happened to Tyler Myles)

This also applies to good actions.

Karma is deeply rooted in Buddhism, but has extended into the West in recent times.

Christians will tell us that Jesus Christ also said that we should forgive those who have hurt us so God Almighty will forgive our bad actions as well.

If Karma Exists Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

The question of Divine Justice emerges every time something bad happens to a good person.

How is it that this seemingly good and caring person was dealt such a harsh hand of cards in life?

This is a question that goes beyond the realm of our own lifetimes.

A 20th century saint called Kirpal Singh who was thought to have reached unity with God stated that karma doesn’t only apply to acts made on this life, but also to those done in previous lives.

Therefore, what is reaped in this life may come from other incarnations.

We should also know that karma applies to thought, word, and deed which can explain why some good people still experience karma. They may have had bad thoughts or perhaps have spoken negatively about others.

Why do Bad People Get Away with Things?

We see it everywhere. The politician who stole millions is living a happy life in a mansion, the wicked neighbor just bought a new car, drug dealers are living the life of a rockstar and accumulating millions of ill-gotten dollars in their savings accounts.

Sometimes bad people do seem to get away with things. This can be because they may have done good actions in the past (including their past lives).

However, according to the laws of Karma it is decreed that the wicked’s fortune will be only temporary.

Sooner or later (perhaps in a future life) what goes around comes around.

Mind-blowing Instant Karma Examples

There are examples where karma seems to manifest right away.

Here are a few of them:

1) Bus Runs Over a Burglar

On May of 2013 a robber stole a cellphone from a women in a bus station in Bogota.

As he attempted to escape through the sliding door, he was hit by a very large bus going at a very high speed.

He survived but had to be taken to a hospital with serious injuries, he will probably think twice before committing another crime.

karma renewed

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2) Bullied Kids Gives Bully His Share Back

In 2011, a video became viral after an 11 year old boy beat down his bully in an Australian high school.

The bullied kid had been harassed for a long time until he got enough of it and lifted the other boy to the ground and threw him right to the floor.

3) Boxer Knocks Out a Burglar

Darys Pardo, a South american female boxer knocked out a burglar after he attempted to steal her belongings and injure her dog.

Two burglars approached her initially but one run away.

The boxer commented that she decided to knock him out not because she was robbed but only after he started harassing Mickey, her dog.

The burglar ended up with his face, nose, and mouth battered and bloodied.

Avoiding Bad Karma

Hindu people excel at avoiding bad karma. They know the rules and they live by them.

You will find that the majority of them will not commit any bad deeds and they live a peaceful life in general.

People from the Jainism religion take it even one step farther.

All their lives are devoted to avoiding bad karma so much so that they will sometimes go as far as looking where they step in in order to not kill an insect.

Due to life’s demands, most of us don’t have the time and energy to be so strict, and may well accidentally squash the occasional ant or snail.

If you are concerned about karma then make the effort to be aware of your thoughts, words spoken, and deeds. By ensuring what you are out putting out there is positive towards those around you, it should be possible to start changing your karmic debt.

Do you believe in karma?

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