Is the Universe a University?

The meaning of life has been a mystery that has plagued humankind for thousands of years. However, recent scientific discoveries, along with several ancient religious and philosophical texts, are leading us to a new understanding about what it means to be human, why we are here, and what happens after we die.

After collecting information from around the world, through various religions and profound scientific evidence, I have come to the conclusion that the physical realm that we call the Universe is actually a cosmic University that exists to teach us what we need to know so we can eventually reach our full state of consciousness.



Most religions believe in what is typically referred to as reincarnation, the idea that our spirit is continually reborn into the physical realm after each life ends. Buddhism and Hinduism are among the most common traditions that include reincarnation in their teachings, and it was even a central idea in Christianity until it was removed from the Bible somewhere around 533 A.D..

So, why have almost all major religions taught reincarnation as a main tenant? Because our spirits cannot possibly learn everything they need to know in just one life time. In fact, we must live every single lifetime that is humanly possible in order to gain the knowledge we need to reach our fullest potential, a state of enlightenment.

Time Isn’t as Important as it Seems


Before Einstein discovered the theory of relativity, time was believed to be a linear and unchangeable factor in the physical world. But now we understand that time is dependent on such factors such as gravity and the speed at which something is traveling. Time is malleable and multi-directional, and in all honesty, is still not fully understood by scientists.

While our short human lives must adhere to a timeline, the true nature of time remains hidden from us due to the limited abilities of the human brain. Being human can make one feel incredibly small and insignificant, but I assure you that such as a feeling is unwarranted.

As Neil deGrasse once said, “The universe is in us … Many people look up at the sky and they feel small. But I feel big. Because my atoms came from those stars.”

Experiencing Life from All Angles


Much like attending a real-life University or school, the Universe itself urges us to experience life from all different angles. This kind of expansive knowledge allows the mind to open up to new possibilities it would have never thought possible. Gaining new perspectives, helps teach all of us how to develop empathy and compassion when we see the suffering of others, because we learn throughout our various lifetimes what it means to suffer and to be human.

Near Death Experiences Offer Further Evidence


The near death experience (NDE) has been reported by humans for eons, but it wasn’t until recently that researchers were able to gather evidence surrounding this phenomenon. A common thread throughout the extensive history of NDE research is the experience of seeing a brilliant white light while dead. People report a feeling of absolute peace and serenity in the presence of this light, which typically assures the person that everything is going to be alright.

This experience also helps to support the idea that we are all students in a great cosmic classroom, with an unknown and unseen entity teaching us along each step of the way.

The Benefits of a Collective Consciousness

Collective C

Ideas suggesting the existence of a growing collective consciousness is also among the most impressive scientific research that is currently taking place. For instance, researchers have discovered that memories can be passed down through organ donation and that our cells are capable of storing and retrieving the experiences of our ancestors. These recent discoveries align with many ancient traditions that suggest we are all part of one consciousness, and are only separated by the appearances within the physical realm.

A simple example of this can be seen in Andy Weir’s short story, The Egg.

The Common Root in Major Religions


Even though the major religions of the world such as Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism all offer extremely different teachings from one to the next, they also all share a common root that continues to this day. They all teach that the reason for human existence is to learn from your experiences so you can return to your true God-like nature.

Buddhism is perhaps the most notable religion for these kinds of teachings, ancient teachings that claim we are all bound for a state of eternal enlightenment once we have learned all of the necessary lessons within the physical realm. However, this message can also be found throughout Christianity even though reincarnation has been removed from the teachings. Jesus tried to teach his followers that in order to obtain eternal oneness with God, we must first develop compassion and love here on earth. A teaching that suggest our life here on earth is a type of cosmic school we all must attend in order to earn our eternal degree.

The Ideology of Gaia


The ancient Greek Goddess Gaia was an entity who brought order into an otherwise chaotic world in order to make the earth habitable for humans. There is now an extensive ideology named after the Greek Goddess which explains how our earth is a living thing that is consciously responsible for creating and maintaining all life on earth. The main idea behind Gaia is that we are all connected and living as one unified system, no matter how divided things might appear. This theory suggests we are all on the same path, learning the same lessons, and are all bound for the same destination. The same interconnections that physicists are now providing physical evidence for with discoveries such as the “Observer Effect”.

The Path to Wisdom

While the meaning of life is still largely a mystery to us, new discoveries are building bridges between science and spirituality that were previously thought of as impossible. Once disparate topics, these fields are beginning to merge and the results are leading to groundbreaking understandings of the nature of reality, what it means to be human, and what the ultimate meaning of life really is.

Wisdom (2)

All of my research has led me to same conclusion over and over again, experiencing the Universe as a cognitive human being is a learning experience bestowed upon those who are ready to receive its lessons. And once all the necessary lessons have been learned, we are returned to our natural state, an undivided consciousness, that is responsible for the creation of everything known and unknown in the Universe.



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