How Technology has helped us

Imagine life a few hundred years ago. In the 1800s life was very different. Children as young as 8 might work in a factory or run errands for a shopkeeper. Today kids as young as 2-3 learn to use tablets. The modern society is so much different from the society that existed a couple of decades ago or a few hundred years ago. Today’s society is always changing. This is mainly due to the ease of transformation, dominion and transmission of information.


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Today, we live in a highly informed society where the major role is played by the new technological advancements, particularly those that are devoted to information/data. Today’s lifestyles cannot be possibly managed without the new technological advancements. They play a key role in both the society and the general human life.

Things we do today that would be unimaginable a few years back.

  • Meditation using an app.
  • Printing your own lego.
  • Reading a book using electronic ink.
  • Starting a revolution on Twitter.
  • Uploading a video that gets viewed by a million people.
  • Using GPS satellites to find dates with people living 2 kms away from you.


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Often this is considered as a drawback. We often hear people complaining about technology overtaking our lives. However there is an upside of technology too.

  • Communication. Today’s technology has greatly revolutionized the way we communicate. For instance; wireless internet, radio, telephone, cell phones, satellite communication, among others, helps two or more people chat and share information when they are in two distant places. Actually, technology is saving us lots of time by building close knit bridges between users all around the globe and bringing different people from different backgrounds and cultures into close contact with one another.
  • Sharing. The Web is a host to an enormous berth of information. Technology has actually made it easy for the information to be accessible far and wide. This has helped us save more time when it comes to education especially after the onset of online education. This made it easier to render and offer knowledge to students who are even in the remotest locations of the planet. It’s because of the Web that this information and data gets to reach people all over the world via computer networks.
  • Food. The modern technology has also us provided us with new ways to grow much more food at a much faster rate than ever before. It has also enhanced transportation modes which has in turn ensured that products get reach to consumers much faster.
  • Health. Another major benefit of today’s technological advancements is that our health has improved because of its’ application. As the knowledge of our bodies and its’ functioning improves, and as the new tools that help treat it are improved, now life lasts much longer. This will not only expand our future lives, but people will actually live much more comfortably, and also recover from diseases and wounds that would have been fatal a couple of decades ago.


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  • Automation. Nowadays machines have started executing laborious and repetitive tasks saving businesses lots of time and expenses. People no longer have to slog as much as they usually did prior to the advent of modern technology. This automation of processes also ensures tasks are done efficiently and fast. Speedy task performance has saved us lots of time and effort. This in turn translates to more increased productivity. From a business point of view, this is certainly a great advantage, since the increased productivity basically translates to better services, more sales, and efficient manufacturing.
  • Secure Payments. Consider just how credit/debit cards are now accepted as a payment mode thanks to the modern technology as compared to a couple of years ago. Back then, people had to take the physical impression of their credit card with the little hand tool which pressed the credit card against the carbon paper and then transferred the images to a paper. Nowadays, credit cards are easily swiped through the small card reader(s) and the payment is made. Today, orders get processed a lot faster, making it easy for employees to quickly service much more customers than ever before.
  • Information. In addition to faster processes, technology has also made it easy for us to keep up with up to date information. Instead of searching all through a room that is full of files and trying to know how information/data was stored so as to update the customer’s address, just a few clicks on the computer and you can pull up the customer’s file from the database. What normally used to take many minutes or even up to a whole hour, can now be instantly done. (Due to the current mobile nature of most modern businesses, it actually does not make much sense to maintain the paper based files so as to keep a track of to do lists and other such information. There are numerous web based project management systems available, that can be easily accessed from any tablet computer, mobile device or laptop, with a good internet connection).

Predictions of a few things that might happen in the next 100 years.

  • Human Colonies on Moon and Mars.
  • Singularity.
  • 3d printers in every house. 3d printed organs.
  • Immorality.
  • Alien contact.
  • Cloning
  • Every home is a solar/wind farm.
  • One World Government. No countries no borders.


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Different types of modern technological advancements can actually help you improve your lifestyle and your business. This will in turn maximize your overall productivity and efficiency. Today’s technology has also decreased expenses and increased profitability for many businesses.

By incorporating the modern technology in your daily life, you will be able to improve your overall way of life and make more time which you can get to spend with your loved ones.

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