Amazing Examples of Intuition

Intuition is a sense of knowing how to act spontaneously, without needing to know why – Sylvia Clare

Can intuition actually be tested and proven?

It is sometimes said that intuition is the bridge between the unconscious and the conscious part of our minds.

It can be defined as an instinctual response to a situation that allows one to make the right decision without the need for analytical reasoning.

For generations mankind has tried to figure out where intuition comes from.

What exactly is a gut feeling and if you get one should you follow it, or use common sense instead?

You have probably experienced intuition yourself at some point in your life.

Examples of Intuition

One interesting example of human intuition comes from Jose Silva, founder of the Silva method, which is aimed at attuning individuals to their unconscious mind to solve their daily problems.

In a dream, Jose saw two sets of numbers, 3-4-3 and 3-7-3. Then, he saw the image of Christ and turanabol dosage the book “One Solitary Life” which is an essay detailing the effects of Jesus Christ on humanity.

The next day he asked himself what exactly did these numbers mean that appeared to him in the dream?

He started looking for license plates, telephone numbers on the telephone book, home addresses, etc. but there wasn’t any relationship of these with the sets of numbers he dreamed of.

He continued to question himself for the remainder of that day. That night, his wife asked him to go to the store to get a bottle of wine.

On the way to the store he met a friend and told him about the whole experience.

His friend suggested that maybe that number belonged to a winning lottery ticket.

Jose Silva then went to the lottery agency and bought the 3-4-3 tickets. The 3-7-3 weren’t available as somebody else had already purchased them.

The end of the story is Jose won over $10,000. While this example shows how human intuition can work on a very complex level, it can also work at a more direct level as we’ll see in the following examples.

1. Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic medicine is India’s traditional medicine system. Ayurvedic doctors agree that both intuition and intellect are necessary to give a person a correct diagnosis and buy clenbuterol usa treatment of their specific disease.

Pulse diagnosis which is done by the physician placing three fingers on the patient’s pulse allows him to know the types of energetic imbalances he has and to some extent how to correct them.

The mind and heart of the doctor have to be in tune while this takes place.

It is impressive to know that pulse diagnosis has been used for over 5,000 years and it continues to be used today – with some doctors in the West having also implemented it in their practice.

2. U.S. Airways Collision

In 2009, pilot Sullenberger became a national hero after saving hundreds of lives in an airplane collision.

The U.S. Airways airplane crashed with a flock of birds causing the engines to fail.

Since the engines couldn’t be restarted once in the air, Sullenberger made use of his unconscious mind and decided to land the airplane in the Hudson River – which wouldn’t have been deemed a normal course of action for such an incident.

This happened in a matter of seconds and what was thought to be a very hard thing to do (land on the Hudson River), was done with ease by the pilot.

3. The Fake Statue

In 1983 the Getty Museum received a statue that was thought to be original. However, when experts in the field came to check it, they all declared that the statue was fake.

They didn’t specify any particular reason but only recognized that a gut feeling told them there was something wrong with it.

4. Formula One

Professor Hodgkinson at the Leeds University Business School has studied how intuition works in both business and non-business settings.

He cites the example of a Formula One driver who pressed the brakes while approaching a turn for no reason. Later on he found out that had he not stopped completely, he would have crashed at a great speed with many other cenforce d cars that were just up ahead.

5. Business Success

Aileen Mahoney director of Evotive Marketing usually never calls back when she has missed calls with no voice messages.

However, one day there was a missed call and she felt the urge to call back – although she had ignored those probably hundreds of times.

She called her husband and told him about it and her husband said she shouldn’t worry about calling back.

Nevertheless, the gut feeling didn’t allow her to forget about it. At last she decided to call and she reports having contacted one of her best clients so far.

6. Plane Malfunctions Solved

Mussie Weinfeld, the daughter of Rabbi Kalman Winfeld was about to fly on a plane from New York to Israel after the Holiday of Passover.

She felt something was wrong as she heard some weird noises. All the other travelers and even the crew dismissed her arguments as non-sense and even laughed at her.

After 45 minutes of protesting, the crew agreed to check the plane. They indeed found out that the plane needed repairs.

The damage was so bad that they had to use another plane to fly as this one was at risk of breaking down whilst in flight, putting the lives of more than 200 passengers at risk.

Scientific Proof of Intuition

With everything we have just discussed it appears that intuition is alive and well, and part of all of our lives, but what does science say about intuition?

Studies have been done that appear to prove that more times than not, intuition is a better force of reason to follow than either logic, or carefully thought out planning.

With that in mind it should be recognized that Intuition is hard to even describe, especially from one persons view of it to the next. With any subject like this where an outcome can not be either definitely attributed to, or against it – to prove or disprove is immensely difficult.

Do you believe in Intuition?

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