Can Some People See Death Approaching?

One of the most certain aspects of life is that it involves death. We will all die in the end and there are no exceptions. We try to picture our future, imagine ourselves at an old age and even think about our death bed, waiting for the final moment. Death is the final destination.

Right before death, people can behave in a way that can make you ask yourself if they are aware that their death is coming. There have been numerous cases to support an affirmative answer to this question. But, what are the weird things people say just before they die?


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A nurse by the name of Maggie Callahan actually thinks that people speak using nearly identical terms before their death. She has been the witness of more than two thousand deaths, over more than 27 years. The people she witnessed dying came from all types of backgrounds and they were of various ages. One of the common things that they talked about was seeing their loved ones assuring them they are waiting for them to come to the other world. Also in many cases, the loved ones were telling them that their time has not come yet.

Maggie Callahan is also a speaker and when she mentioned about these similarities in her speeches, other nurses have confirmed that they have witnessed the same things. While many people think that the statements of dying people are just the results of drugs or delusions from their diseases, it seems that individuals who are on their death beds know exactly what they are saying. Some experts say that everything is the sum of brain changes that normally occur before death and that everything is caused by the changing levels of brain chemicals.

Most experiences that people have before death are positive and can make them avoid the fear that is normally associated with death. Some people say extremely weird things on their death bed. Usually, they are caught between two worlds that they call “here” and “there”.

Maggie Callahan has come to the conclusion that most people die just as they lived, but their normal behavior becomes more intense. A nice person will become nicer, a funny individual will becomes funnier and a person who likes to control others will be more manipulative on the death bed. It is like all of our tendencies multiply right before death.

An interesting case is the one of a woman who used to travel a lot in her life. On her death bed, she said that she wants to travel with her family and that she sees a plane. But, it is not the right plane so she will wait. In the meantime, she has to go “somewhere”. The language used by dying people is often symbolic.


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This language indicates that something imminent is about to happen and that they have to go. Many people say that they are going to a trip, but the destination is different for each individual. Where they go depends a lot on the regular activities these people have performed during their lifetime.

For example a golf enthusiast told nurse Callahan that he is going to a golf tournament with two of his dead friends.

As you can see, there are so many interesting cases and they are all similar. But, how is this even possible and how can some people predict their death. Is this information available to everyone and maybe we just don’t know how to find it? It is obvious that there are many people on earth who know that their moment is coming.

An example of such a case is the one of a couple, both being in their twenties. The woman comes back from work tired and she says that she is so tired that maybe she will leave this world soon. The next day, they have a car accident from which he survives and she dies.

Another couple arrived into the town that was the wife’s birthplace for spending some time with her parents during the summer. One day the couple was on a balcony looking at the river and the husband asked her if she would believe him if he would tell her that he will die in this place. She was intrigued by the question, especially because he was in very good shape. He died of a heart attack some weeks later.

There were doctors and scientists who have researched death as a phenomenon. People like Stefan Goldstein, William Green or Alex Moss have made studies on thousands of cases that involved sudden deaths. According to the results of these studies, the majority of people who died anticipated what happened. The mental states of the patients changed, as they became more determined to put their life in order right before death.


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According to oriental spirituality, death is just the separation of the invisible body (the one made of energy, or the consciousness) from the physical body. Scientists have discovered that there is burst in brain wave activity right before death. Probably this is a stream of information that is transmitted from the body to the new form of existence, which is energetic.

When you read things like these, many questions can arise in your mind and there are no clear and simple answers to neither of them. We are still learning constantly about the wonders of this world and we may soon come to understand more about the cycle of life and death. Until then, we can only imagine and speculate about what awaits us out there.

Maybe life is an infinite cycle of reincarnations or maybe we go back to God, an energy matrix or whatever exists where we come from when we are born. Maybe we are groups of souls and out relatives come for us right before we die to help us with the transition. Whatever the answer is, it becomes more and more obvious that there is life beyond death and death is just a transitional process that can be anticipated.

All our articles are based on life experiences or stories that have made us think. This topic has been in our minds since we were very young. A lot of time has been dedicated trying to finding a pattern and the truth whether people have a foreboding or intuition that they are going to die.


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I clearly remember the day my grandfather died at the age of 76. He was a legend having had to move countries at a young age, supporting his siblings and creating a vast business empire. He had a room on the second floor in our workshop which had a lot of junk and needed to be cleaned. Grandfather had been unable to climb the stairs to that room in over 5 years because of knee issues. One day he climbed those stairs, one step at a time, slowly and painfully, and got the room cleaned. When he climbed down the stairs, he threw his walking stick on the ground and said I’m done. I don’t need this walking stick anymore. He died the next day.

My uncle was an engineer who died pretty young. I very recently found out that he had a spiritual side to him as well. Turns out he was into palmistry. We are born with these lines on our hands and most of us don’t give it a second thought. He spent a lot of time reading books and researching the subject. My Dad recently told me that my uncle had predicted that he would either die at the age of 35 or live up to 72. Unfortunately he was snatched from us at 35.

I have no doubt that you all will have some instances to share with us. We’d specially like to hear from doctors, nurses or hospice workers. We want to search for patterns in the chaos. We need all the information you can give us. We want to hack the system and spread the word.


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