Are UFO Sightings Visions of Our Future?

Whether or not you believe in the existence of UFO’s, it’s hard to deny the impact they have had on our culture. For instance, nearly everybody has heard of the supposed UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico. And there are almost countless films made about what would happen if aliens paid Earth a visit. Furthermore, many seemingly sane and well adjusted people have personally seen mysterious flying objects in the sky that defy explanation.

It’s strange that a phenomenon such as UFO’s have such a dramatic influence on our society despite the fact that there is not any hard evidence to prove their existence (that we know of). Yet, there continues to be sightings around the world. And with the advent of the internet and social media, many of these sightings are caught on film and analyzed by experts in aviation, film, and photography, among others. Many of these alleged sightings completely baffle those who see and study them, while others are quickly dismissed as hoaxes.


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With the amount   of evidence regarding UFO’s even the toughest skeptic has difficulty disregarding this phenomenon. At this point, it’s not really a question of if UFO’s exist but rather, what are they and why we do we see them? Even the FBI has declassified some of it’s UFO files from 1947. It is clearly evident that they took all reports seriously.

Many people automatically assume that these mysterious crafts must be visitors from distant planets. While this assumption is logical, there are several other possibilities that might explain UFO sightings. What if UFO’s are actually visions from our own future?

UFO’s: A Brief History

One of the most compelling aspects of UFO sightings is that humans have been witnessing strange aircraft in the sky for thousands of years, even though flight technology is obviously a very recent human invention.

While many different cultures have depicted flying aircraft and alien-like visitors in their writings, drawings, and hieroglyphs, the ancient Egyptian representations of UFO’s are especially interesting because of the similarities they share with modern day aircraft. There were many models and hieroglyphs discovered by Egyptologists which seem to be almost exact replicas of a standard airplane.


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These model airplanes were made 5,000 years ago and suggests that at least some of these ancient sightings could be explained by something other than alien visitation. Maybe the Egyptians were depicting visions they had of a future time here on earth, a future that included travelling in airplanes.

Similarly to the Egyptians, the UFO’s reported today are usually space crafts that are seemingly capable of technology far beyond our own. Objects that are capable of traveling faster, quieter, and manage to defy our current understanding of physics.

UFO’s in Psychology

Even though it may seem outlandish to suggest these sightings are a collective vision of a future time in human history, it is a theory that has captivated many great thinkers and experts alike.

As Sigmund Freud’s former protege, Carl Jung had ideas that went far beyond even modern-day psychology. His work is still celebrated and followed by many, with thousands of clinicians choosing to study and practice “Jungian” psychology, a method that addresses every aspect of human consciousness.

Accordingly, Jung was not quick to dismiss the phenomenon of UFO’s and declared without hesitation that he believed psychologist’s should take these experiences seriously, and be open-minded to further examination. Although Jung expressed he thought some of these flying objects exist on a physical level, he also suggested these sightings could be a result of a collective unconscious shared by all sentient beings. Additionally, he explained these experiences were a “psychic disturbance” rather than an actual physical craft.

If Jung was right, then some of these strange flying objects were actually a collective vision of some kind, possibly of our future thousands of years from now. A future that includes space travel at warp speeds in futuristic star-ships.

A Collective Unconscious

The theory of collective unconscious dates back thousands of years and can be found throughout many different religions and spiritual practices. Jung further elaborated on this idea by trying to dissect it scientifically as much as possible. He suggested that every human experience from the past, present, and future is stored within our DNA, something that modern researchers are actually now finding evidence of.



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Our collective unconscious, if it exists, could explain why UFO sightings have been so prevalent throughout history without any physical evidence to back up any of the countless claims. Instead of being alien visitors from planets that are light years away, maybe we are simply experiencing a collective expression of our collective unconscious that is not restricted by time or space.

Visions of Our Future

Even though many people quickly assume that UFO’s must be extraterrestrial space craft, there are findings that contradict that theory. If the Egyptians were witnessing alien space crafts, why did their representations look stunningly similar to modern day airplanes that are incapable of deep space travel?

Maybe it’s because they weren’t witnessing UFO’s, at least not in the traditional sense. Could they have been instead depicting visions of the modern world where air travel is the norm? If so, it would certainly fill in some unexplained gaps left by these sightings that have spanned millenniums.

Other Possibilities

Stephen Hawking once pondered, “If time travel is possible, where are the tourists from the future?”. Well, the mass amount of UFO sightings could be the answer to the famous physicist’s question.

Another interesting theory in Ufology is that some of these unidentified crafts are actually us visiting ourselves from the future. After all, time travel is becoming less like science fiction and more like reality every day. With amazing discoveries in physics and space travel, time travel could soon become a possibility. If invented, we could theoretically visit anytime throughout the entire history of the planet. Naturally, we would come back to different time periods in order to study and answer questions that have long perplexed us. This is yet another possible explanation for the massive amount of UFO sightings found throughout human history.

One thing is sure, it’s nearly impossible to deny the impact UFO’s have had on the human consciousness. These mysterious crafts have been reported in nearly every century for thousands of years. With the evidence available to us, it is safe to assume there is some amount of truth in the existence of UFO’s. However, these flying objects are not necessarily visitors from distant planets, and the lack of physical evidence suggests there might be other explanations for this widespread phenomenon.


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