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Ank is a tinkerer and science enthusiast. He lives in Auckland, NZ, where he is an avid traveller, amateur photographer, astronomer, occasional blogger, and problem solver. He tirelessly pursues his vision of transforming complex issues into simple solutions. Above all Ank is a seeker.

All his life, Ank has tried to find the perfect blend of the physical world and spiritual world.

This website is just another step on the lifelong journey to better our understand with hard facts and logical possibilities. He hopes that our journey will take us to a new level of humanity.

Rob has been blogging for more than a decade and is fascinated by meditation, lucid dreaming, and the deep questions of the universe. He likes trying to find the links between spirituality and science and believes that the two overlap on many more levels than most of humanity yet realizes.

As a team they believe that one should have an open mind. Their main aim is to make you think, open your mind, step back and look at the holistic picture. It is with hope that this journey will take you to a new level.


Most people are so boggled by life they do not get time to explore but every now and then they will think of the stuff Beyondiam write about. Hopefully Beyondiam can help expand that knowledge and make you THINK.

Beyondiam seeks enlightenment, answers to the most common questions like Why are we here? What did our ancestors know that we don’t know?

What we do.

  • Make you think
  • Seek patterns in the chaos
  • Learn from you and write about what we have learnt so others can too.

What we don’t

  • Spread religious words or preach
  • Get offended by your views
  • Stop learning


The Lie We Live

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